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Our doctors have years of experience and are all state certified to prescribe medical marijuana.

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Regulated Products that are high in THC potency as well as grown organically.

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We are here to answer any questions, and guide you through the process of medical marijuana in the state of florida.

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Cannabis Extracts

These highly potent concentrates are produced using a complex process involving solvents and lab equipment to extract the resins from the plant.


Top Shelf Flower

Top shelf cannabis is going to be truckloads higher in THC, taste better, and produce a very different high than if you’re smoking some reggie. When selecting herb, treat yourself.


Medical Grade Vaporizors

Cartridges and oil vaporizers are possibly the most popular types of vaporizers out there. Also known as pen vaporizers, they’re designed to be small and discreet for those on the go. Pen vaporizers are battery powered and can provide some very strong effects.